13 High Paying Affiliate Offers

There are so many high affiliate programs and offers out there it’s difficult to choose which ones to promote.

You don’t want to promote something that doesn’t convert well and you don’t want to promote a product that stinks either!

Below I’m going to show you a number of high paying affiliate offers that offer either recurring commissions or a large one-time payout.

If you stick to promoting just a few of these and you do it well – you’ll probably end up with a nice monthly income for yourself!

1. Clickfunnels

I think most people within the affiliate marketing game know this product.

A comprehensive sales funnel software

It has an army of affiliates behind it, promoting it relentlessly, and that’s for good reason. The commission structure is awesome!

They payout 40% recurring commissions when someone signs up to one of their monthly payments.

What’s your dream car? If you manage to get 100 active Clickfunnels members – they’ll put a $500/month lease down on any car you want! So there is a huge incentive to get that 100 customer mark.

PLUS they have something called a sticky cookie. Clickfunnels promotes a ton of services, product, books, training guides etc. If someone buys any one of those products through your link, which could even be a FREE book (have to pay for delivery)! Then anything after that they buy will automatically be your commissions too!

So let’s say they buy a $1 book through your link. If they then go onto buy funnel hacks for thousands – you’ll receive the commissions for this.

2. Builderall

This is a Saas that rivals Clickfunnels. An all-in-one sales software that not only builds sakes funnels but has a whole host of other features too!

Builderalls commission structure is pretty similar to Clickfunnels in that it compensates you 40% in recurring commissions.

Builderall also offers a dream car prize and the software is really becoming popular amongst affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs. Plus it’s cheaper than Clickfunnels and this could be a factor In people buying decisions.

You do have to be a member of Builderall to signup to their affiliate program, but honestly, It’s a great platform for any affiliate marketer or business owner and is totally worth it.

3. GetResponse

What started as an email marketing platform has now grown into an all-in-one online marketing platform. Getresponse offers 33% in recurring affiliate commissions.

It’s free to register and really easy to sign up.

4. SEM Rush

This is an awesome SEO tool for anyone that wants to get in-depth analysis on their websites, blogs, and individual pages.

SEMRush is at the forefront of SEO analysis and allows the user to track page views, keywords, organic traffic, ranking, find keywords, track other other websites and a lot more.

They offer 40% recurring commissions and it’s free and easy to join.

5. Thrive Themes

Thrive themes is one of the largest WordPress page builders around that offer a whole host of other cool tools you can use for your website.

They offer a huge 50% recurring commission package BUT, it’s not so easy to be accepted. If you do have a relevant website or traffic source and you’re already seeing good results. This could be a great option for you.

Otherwise, there are a number of page builder affiliate programs worth checking out like Elementor or beaver builder.

6. Shopify

Shopify is an online retailer platform that allows anyone to set up an online store easily and with minimal fuss. Gone are the days of spending loads and loads of money on programmers.

Shopify has really lowered the barrier to entry to sell products online without being on Amazon or eBay.

They offer a 20% recurring commissions PLUs a 100% first commission payout.

7.Rose Hosting

A web-hosting company for anyone who needs a website, blog or internet platform.

They offer 100% commissions on the first month and 20% recurring commissions after that!

8. Followadder

An Instagram automation tool that lets the user streamline and automate their Instagram profile. It’s designed to increase your Instagram followers.

They offer 50% monthly commissions plus a $10 signup bonus.

9. Shareasale

This is slightly different. Shareasale is an affiliate marketing platform. It has a number of different products and services on its site. Anything from baby products to business services.

You can find a host of high paying one-time affiliate offers on ShareASale. It’s also not very difficult to get accepted, unlike a lot of other affiliate platforms.

Check out how to get accepted on to Shareasale with no experience.

10. WP Engine

WP Engine offers a one-time payout of $200 when somebody signs up to their web hosting and page theme builder.

Although it’s not recurring it is one big payout if someone signs up. Plus, if you get a couple of these a week – it turns into a pretty good paycheck each month.

11. Affilorama

One of the largest affiliate marketing communities and training websites on the internet.

Affilorama offers 50% recurring commissions on their products. Plus if you’re an affiliate marketer yourself, it can be a good way to promote what you’ve been doing.

12. SocialOomph

A social media automation services that allow you to increase your social media presence and on autopilot.

SocialOomph offers 40$ recurring commissions and 5% second generation commissions for anyone that you sign up to be an affiliate.

13. Udimi

Any other affiliate marketer that might be interested in Solo Ads to increase their revenue. You will get 15% from all solo ad sales from all your referrals. This means, if you get them, 10 customers who will buy 5 solos each month worth $100 each, you will earn: 10 * 5 * $100 * 15% = $750 each month.

Its also really easy to sign up to the affiliate program.