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What is it?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is the evolution of Spencer Mecham’s previous course. Consider it Affiliate Secrets on steroids.

This new course will give you everything, and I mean everything you need to know about affiliate marketing to create a highly profitable passive income. The whole idea is to create different streams of income by doing work on the front end that will eventually pay out for years to come.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, its where an online retailer pays commissions to an external marketer who provides them sales or generates leads.

So essentially if you can drive traffic to an online retailer and that traffic buys something. You get a commission from it. The course teaches you everything you need to know to master this and create loads of $$ for yourself.

Who created it?

Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham is one of the most well-known affiliate marketers around. He burst onto the scene a few years back making over $10,000 in his first two months as a Clickfunnels affiliate (one of the most lucrative affiliate programmes).

Since then he’s made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions and is incredibly successful. Not only that, is he has a passion for teaching his methods and what he’s learned along the way and literally lays it all down in this course. Showing you exactly how he’s done it.

Spencer usually charges around $500/hour for consulting but for this course where he drops all his knowledge. It currently costs $897, which on the surface seems like a huge investment but honestly if you think about the value it provides, it really isn’t. The knowledge it will give you, you’ll be able to make your money back pretty quickly as long as you actually take action.

BUT, I doubt it will be that cheap for long! He’s been planning to double the price for a while now.

What’s inside the course?

Here’s all the good stuff!

So the course is broken into two main parts.

  • Affiliate Secrets 2.0
  • Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Traffic Edition.

He’s done a whole different section on how to get traffic to people’s offers – which is not only the fun stuff but probably the most challenging.

Inside Affiliate Secrets 2.0

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What’s inside Affiliate Secrets 2.0


Here he breaks down what affiliate marketing is and how it works. The overall strategies you should implement and just introducing you to the course.


What industry and niche you should choose. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what niche you choose – it just matters you take action and do it well.


This part is incredibly important. Spencer goes through how to view affiliate marketing. It’s not just about getting someone in front of a product. If you create value on the front-end, they’re far more likely to buy on the back-end.

He talks about the different ways you can provide value to prospective customers and build your affiliate marketing portfolio up.


The importance of funnels in your affiliate marketing strategy

What a bridge page is, a pre-frame, affiliate funnels and he also builds out a funnel in front of your eyes to show you how it’s done.


Connecting the right products to the right traffic. His affiliate list and what brings him success. How you should choose different products and from what affiliate programs.

Everything you need to know about finding products

Email Marketing

Everything you need to know about Email Marketing. He provides a ton of email marketing sequences and how to write out and structure your emails.

Deliverability and reports. How to analyze your emails opt-in to maximize profits.

Throughout the course, he also drills in the fact of always building your email list.


This module all about outsourcing work so you can do less or more of what’s important.

The different places you can find freelance workers. How you should be hiring them and what to look for.

How to set up a VA project management system and what tools to use.

BONUS: Rachel S Lee

Spencer knows what he’s good at, but he’s also not shortsighted to know what he’s not an expert at. He’s brought in another Clickfunnels dream car winner to show how she uses Facebook to increase her profits.

Case Studies

The great part is Spencer’s course doesn’t just teach you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

He actually shows you exactly how some of his previous students have done it.

Two of his students go through how they use Adwords and Youtube to create highly profitable streams of income.


Affiliate Secrets Traffic Edition

This part is all about traffic and how to utilize different methods effectively.

Whatever online traffic source you can think of. Spencer covers it (Apart from SEO). Check out my review of SEO Affiliate Domination.


Spencer’s certainly mastered Youtube. If you search for a number of “make money online” keywords, his videos often pop-up as the number one results, or the first page at least!

This is Spencer’s favorite traffic source and he shows you exactly how he does it!


Another incredibly profitable traffic source.

Spencer goes through how to pick products, auction, use funnels and use your stats to make money through Adwords and Bing Ads.

Solo Ads
A shorter module. He goes through How to setup Solo Ads and what they’re good for and when not to do them. How you can make more money on the front end of solo ads too.


Taught by Josh Ryan.
Spencer hired him to scale up his own Instagram. He was so impressed with what he did, he asked Josh to do the video tutorial for him.


How to use Quora – a free message board and forum to make money through affiliate marketing.

Facebook Groups

So many people are making crazy amounts of money through Facebook groups. Jonny West shows you how it’s done.

Facebook Ads

Jarem Atkinson goes through a very comprehensive method on how to use Facebook ads to make money.


Another social media platform that has so much potential with very few using it. Kara Ferwada shows you how to capitalize on this.


1.Clickfunnels A-Z Course

2.Affilaite marketing course

3.Huge Email Sequence for Clicfunnels signups and other affiliate products

4.Spencer’s own high-converting funnels

More Bonuses!!!

I have put together the following bonuses for you, if you decide to buy Affiliate Secrets 2.0 through my link.

These are all courses I have found really useful and implemented myself. So I am giving these away for FREE when you buy the course through my link!

In order to claim your bonuses, just email me your payment receipt through to [email protected]

Once I have confirmed you have bought through my link, I’ll send you the bonuses right away.

Apart from the bonuses, If you ever have any questions about the course or need some help just drop me an email and I’ll be more than happy to help out.

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Bonuses Included

Who is this for?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Reviews

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 reviews

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this course WILL have something for you. Whether you’ve just started out or deep down the affiliate marketing rabbit hole There will be things that you’ll learn and pick up in this course.

Spencer really drives home about building a business one day that is passive. So if you want to build a business that provides a passive income then go through the course and implement what he has to say.

Final Verdict?

From my own experience, the course is pretty incredible. It covers almost everything you’d want to know about affiliate marketing and the different methods you’re able to use.

I’d say the only downside with the course is that it doesn’t teach you about SEO. If you want to do affiliate marketing through SEO than you won’t find it in here but everything else is covered.

See my review on SEO affiliate Domination.

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