Breaking Habits and Making New Ones

So you want a body like an athlete, become a successful entrepreneur, sleep like a baby every night and be incredibly smart. We have so many goals we strive to achieve, but ultimately fail to reach a lot of these. 

Have you ever gone to bed one evening and thought, “right… this is it. Tomorrow is the start of a new me and a new life. I’m going to be ultra-productive, drink less, eat healthier and just generally be awesome all the time until the day I die”. We’ve all done it and we’ve all half believed it. But in the end, we just fall back into our old habits and patterns. 

Why does this happen?

Well, the reason may lie in the fact that we try and change too much all at once. We’re creatures of habit and trying to drastically change our lives straight away makes falling back into our old ways easier. Biting your nails is a good example. A very common habit, that only makes your fingers and nails look chewed up and yet, many people can’t seem to break the habit. It can be very hard to change a habit or implement a new one, so when we try and change a lot, we fail at all of them. 

It sounds great to think we can wake up one day and become this completely new person and change our lives entirely, when in fact that rarely happens. And it usually only happens when people have a major life event.

So how do you change your habits?

The best way to change is to not do so much all at once. It’s important

You have this vision of a person you want to be and that’s great! But you need to realize this won’t happen overnight and in fact, can take a long time before you mold into this person.

We think we can change drastically overnight, when in fact you can only change incrementally. So the best way to break a habit or adopt a new one is to only do one at a time. 

Don’t look at the mountain in front of you, focus on your next step. 

Focus on one thing and take 45 days to really break or take up one particular habit. Don’t try and take on the world all at once, you need to gradually build into someone you want to be.

So if you want to become stronger or bigger. Focus on going to the gym 3-4 times a week each week.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Focus on taking action each day.