Clickfunnels Alternative

It’s true there are many alternatives to Clickfunnels. Although Clickfunnels is probably the most popular all-in-one marketing software, there are a number of alternatives that entrepreneurs and marketers still love and enjoy to use.

So there are two routes you can go down. You can either go for another all-in-one marketing software like Clickfunnels or if you have time and you’re a wizard on WordPress, you can always build you’re own pages using a few great web design tools.

Below I’ll show you a few alternatives to Clickfunnels that are cheaper and might be up your street.

I’ll be honest though, Clickfunnels is probably the most comprehensive tool on the market. But that’s not to say the others aren’t worth the monthly subscription.



Coming in cheaper than Clickfunnels by a fair bit. Instapage will set you back around $69/mo. If you want to upgrade they have 3 more options.

Try Instapage’s 14-day Free trial

Instapage was first created as specifically a landing page builder. It has probably the most comprehensive landing pages on the market to date. Hundreds of different landing pages to choose from whatever your business.

Since then and to keep up with the competition it has developed it’s software even more to incorporate form pages and a great optimization suite to track and check your results if you want to tweak anything.

Instapage has over 250,000 users and growing. If you’re not the techiest person in the world or don’t feel as a marketing wizard too much. Instapage might be for you. Although you may have to get an email marketing software app if you want to build a list.

The great part is you can try out Instapage for free. They offer a 14-day free trial to anyone.

Lander app


This is a cheap alternative to both Instapage and Clickfunnels. Coming in at a very cheap $16/mo if you pay annually. This is a really good deal!

Try lander app 14-day Free trial

This gives you a maximum of 5k visitors per month, 3 custom domains, SSL encryption, and A/B Split Testing.

Lander will give you the option to completely customize your landing pages and edit them with complete ease. Their visual editor means you can customize any landing page in real-time with a drag and drop builder.

You can also split test your landing pages to see which one is better and what works. Crucial for improving results.

Although Lander app is a cheap alternative it won’t offer nearly the same value as Clickfunnels. It just doesn’t have the same amount of scope.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

This is a very popular WordPress theme that allows you to create beautiful WordPress pages. They have a huge variety of different themes available and with their awesome drag and drop builder you can mix and change your webpage with ease and in real-time.

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Elementor has a free version. So if you’re interested in trying that first you can do without paying anything. But obviously, it just doesn’t have the same flexibility or themes available as the paid version.

Elementor is great for anyone that isn’t too techy and loves their funnels or landing page to look sleek and stylish.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Another incredibly popular WordPress plugin that builds pages with ease. Beaver Builder also has a great drag and drop builder too.

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If you’re not on the tech side this can be a great option too. Although WordPress does take more time to tinker around with whereas lander app and Instapage have prebuilt landing pages and so on.

All-in-all these tools can certainly help you to build a great looking landing page. They all have great drag and drop features which let you develop pages in real-time.

Having said that they just don’t offer the same comprehensive software that Clickfunnels does. If you do want to create great sales funnels – nothing beats Clickfunels.