Gaining Perspective On Our Failures

As an entrepreneur or business owner, we frequently come face to face with failure. It is inevitable you’ll either fall flat on your face or hit a brick wall uncertain of where to go next. 

It’s part of the journey to discover success through trial and error. We have to find out what works and what doesn’t work. Having said that, we often lose sight of our end goal or our destination, becoming disheartened and overwhelmed by the prospect of such a mammoth task. 

If you are at a crossroads or feeling deflated, below may give you some perspective on failure and reaching our goals. 


Our In-built Success Mechanism

Each person has an in-built success mechanism wired into them. It is also in every other animals DNA. 

The squirrel isn’t taught how to forage for nuts, nor is it told to bury them for winter, it just does it anyway. A polo bear has never seen its reflection, yet it knows when to cover its black nose to hide it from prey amongst the white snow. A bird has not taken lessons in navigation, but yet seems to be able to navigate between open lands and seas with great accuracy and without any ‘training’ or ‘practice’.  

These are inbuilt mechanisms given to each animal to survive and prosper.

Just as any other animal, humans have inbuilt success mechanisms ingrained in us to survive. On a primal level, we are built to eat, find shelter and procreate, this is inbuilt in our DNA to survive. 

But we are gifted with self-awareness. We, unlike any other animal, are aware and therefore able to control what we view and see as success and can dictate what success means to us. 

Whether that’s lifting heavier weights, making a million dollars or helping people in need. 

We have the capability to set our own goals. 

How your success mechanism works

Throughout our day we undertake countless actions that require no conscious thought. Anything from picking up a glass, chewing our food or even driving a car. 

Imagine picking up an item, a seemingly innocuous task that we just don’t think about. Now imagine a baby doing the same task. Their hand reaches out swaying to and fro as it makes adjustments. The babies hand goes off course and adjusts until eventually reach it reaches the item, which it then has to work out how to pick up, gripping it in different places, feeling the best way to lift it. 

When we set a goal, we often sway off course, make mistakes and adjust in order to get back on the right path until eventually, we make a direct hit. Along the way, mistakes are made, bumps in the road occur and we adjust in order to keep going.

Just like a heat-seeking missile, we set a course for action and navigate as appropriate, making slight adjustments along the way. 

It is inevitable we’ll make mistakes along the way, such a complicated task cannot be completed without them. It is important that we learn from our mistakes and make adjustments. Once you realize failure is as much a part of success it becomes much easier to handle and learn from them to reach our goals. 

Inevitably you will make mistakes, but just as inevitable is your success.