How to become an expert?

Being named a fake is a common insecurity many entrepreneurs face. Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. 

So many people out there claim to be experts in their respected fields it’s hard to know where you fit in and how to have your voice heard amongst the crowd. 

It reminds me of when of when I fundraised for charity on main high streets. Very little information was given to you to fundraise, we had a pitch and answers to about five objections… and that was it! Away you go, pitching people on the street about the charity. 

The fact was, very little information was needed to do the job. The first reason being is that you were in control of the situation, leading the conversation and pitch to where you’d like to go and therefore minimal scope for any topics you weren’t comfortable with. Secondly, if objections did come up nine times out of 10, they were the same ones over and over again (with slight variations). For example, “I can’t afford it” or “how much of the money goes to helping.” 

You see, humans are very predictable. Conversations would often go the same way, and the same objections would come up time and time again. 

Most of the time we want our ‘experts’ to practice what they preach, but how many business consultants are there who’ve never run a successful business, how many life coaches are there who have crap lives and how many quick money gurus are there who haven’t made much money. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as it means it isn’t difficult yourself to become an expert who’s really in the know! I’m sure that if you spent a weekend reading and researching about trading or cryptocurrency on google, you could probably pass off as an expert to 95% of people. 

This brings me back to being an entrepreneur. Essentially you need to know more than the layman to pass off as an expert. 

The barriers we put up are mostly our own, which means we have the power to break them. If you start believing you are something or someone, you more often than not become it. If you want to be, just think you are.