How To Get Accepted Onto Shareasale

How To Get Accepted on to Shareasale

So a while back I tried to create an affiliate account through Shareasale…

I was rejected.

So this time I set up a legitimate website (nothing fancy) with some content, a few nice pictures and laid it out in an intuitive way.

And so I applied again… And I got rejected, again!!!

At this point, I should mention I was an Amazon affiliate and was making money through Amazon’s affiliate program.

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And so I emailed Shareasale to ask them, what do I need to do to become an affiliate, I’m already making money as an affiliate marketer, I believe I can contribute to Shareasale.

After a couple more emails, I finally got a message back. Turns out they want a customized email address and for that email to show up somewhere on my website.

So I followed their instructions and sure enough, I was accepted.

If you are in a similar position and you don’t know how to become a Shareasale affiliate but really want to.

1. Create a legitimate website

2. Buy a customized Gmail account.

For example, if your website is, your email address should be [email protected]

3. And put your email address somewhere on your website.

If you follow these simple steps. I’m pretty sure you’ll get accepted as an affiliate.

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