How To Improve Your Focus

There are many techniques and strategies which can improve your focus and concentration. Below I’ve listed 3 ways to help you increase your focus and how you can implement them straight away. 


For me, my focus seems to diminish after about an hour of intensive concentration, sometimes even less. If I’m working on something really mundane and boring then it can be shorter. I sort of forget that I’m supposed to be working and before you know it, I’m down a youtube rabbit hole. 


Laser focus is vitally important for running a successful business or completing any large or complicated task. Many of the great leaders and entrepreneurs attain lasers focus on being the number one reason for their success. People with little to know focus seem to have no trouble starting a project. But invariably find it almost impossible to finish one. 


Below are 3 tips to help you increase focus


1. Remove the clutter

Get rid of excess in your life, remove everything that isn’t needed. This means both in your workspace, in your mind and on your computer. Don’t become bogged down by excess things and lost and confused all the time. By removing excess from your life you can have a clearer picture of what you need to do and how to do it, often people with little focus seem to be untidy. 


If you work in a dirty space – clean your room. 


If there is something that is eating away at you – try to solve it, or have something in place to solve it. 


If your computer is cluttered with files everywhere – clean it up and organize it into neat files. 


Everything in your life takes up space and energy. It’s easy to eliminate rubbish and waste. It’s not so easy to eliminate things you think you need. Eliminate ruthlessly and force yourself to focus on only a few things.


2. Set the right environment

This is really key. If you don’t want to get distracted, then limit the number of distractions in your area or environment. 


We have so many distractions these days – mainly the internet – it’s so hard to stay focused on one task. If your someone who uses social media or mindlessly scrolls through Facebook or Instagram (guilty!) then you need to try and cut out these distractions as best as possible. 



One way to easily implement this is to turn off all notifications on your phone and laptop. Having an electronic device bing every 10 minutes is really going to distract you from the task at hand and give you an incentive to focus on the notification. Better yet, just put your phone in a different room if you don’t really need it. 


Another good idea is to make sure you already have everything you need in front of you before starting. Getting up for a drink, or you need a pen, or you need to get your charger will take you out of that work zone and put you back into a chill zone. 


3. Set a timeframe – the 50/10 rule. 

Set a timer on your phone or laptop for 50 minutes and work solely on one thing. It’s important to note, only work on one thing until it’s completed or the timer runs out. After 50 minutes take a 10-minute break. Usually, it’s best to do something completely different away from work, this could be light exercise, stretching or just lying down on the sofa, this helps you recharge and relax. Once that 10 minutes is up, start working again. 


This helps throughout the day but one thing to bear in mind here is after 2 sessions or even just 1. It’s important to shift your focus onto something else and then solely concentrate on that one thing.


Laser focus is probably the biggest asset you can build as an entrepreneur. The ability to work on a task without any distractions for a sustained period of time will have a huge impact on your success. These habits and techniques will improve your focus and you can implement them right away.