How to make money using Instagram

According to Similarweb Americans spend just about as much time on Instagram as they do on Facebook. I think it’s pretty obvious what this means… Instagram is a huge market where a lot of people spend time and this is a great opportunity for anybody wanting to grow their email list and make money.

Utilizing Instagram, I’ve been able to make around $200 relatively easily and quickly and grow my email list.

I’m not trying to say that I’ve retired from this and it’s been wildly successful, but if you’re like me and looking to just make your first bit of money online, this may work for you.

And, the great part is, is you can always just scale this up to as big as you want and earn even more money.

AND you grow your email list!

What you need:

Instagram account

Opt-in page (Clickfunnels, Leadpages, , WordPress site – Elementor, beaver builder).

Autoresponder – I use Getresponse, but you’re more than welcome to use any autoresponder out there.

Warriorplus account or JVZoo account

Basic Idea

So the idea here is to use Instagram influencers within your chosen industry to send traffic to a product or service and collect emails along the way. The great part is, once you have these emails you can market to them for life!


1. Sign up to a warriorplus account if you haven’t already (or JVZoo) and look for some products to become an affiliate of.

Now if you haven’t got any affiliate sales yet on warriorplus don’t be disheartened if some of them reject your application for approval, this is normal. If you apply for 20, you’ll get a couple approved.

TIP: if you really want to stand out with your approval then create a video telling them you’d really like to be approved and what you’ll be doing to get them sales, post to youtube and send them the link. This will give you that extra bit of edge and chance of being approved.

Once you’ve signed up to and been approved for an affiliate offer you need to create an opt-in page, using either Leadpages, Clickfunnels or WordPress, that resembles the sales page of the warrior plus offer. The idea here is to collect as many emails as possible, and then send them on to the warrior plus offer.

For example a sales page that says ‘5 figure income a month with only 1-hour work’ Your opt-in page could say ‘do you want to make a 5-figure income with only 1-hour work’ – optin here


2. The next step is to sign up to an autoresponder. I’d suggest using getresponse this is one of the easiest email marketing tools and they also offer you a 30-day trial too.

You want to create around 7-8 emails marketing the warrior plus product and any other warrior plus/jvzoo products you’ve been accepted onto, that will be automatically sent out each day to your new list.

You can do this in your autoresponder section. The great part of all this is that you now have 7-8 opportunities to market to these people. AND you now have a list you can market too for life really.

You want to then connect your opt-in page and autoresponder together, so when they sign up they will automatically be added to your list and start receiving emails.

This is different depending on what platforms and software you use. But getresponse and Leadpages have really good customer service pages and it’s fairly straightforward to do.


3. Once you’ve set this all up it’s now about finding Instagram influencers. If you’re selling warriorplus products you want to find Instagram pages revolving around making money online.

You can do this by typing in hashtags like #makemoneyonline #workathome #makemoney #MMO. There are so many angles to this and so many influencers out there I’d personally write a list of all the influencers you’ve found and work out which ones are best.

TIP: Only look for Instagram accounts that have more than 10k followers, preferably 100k+. Once you have found them, message 20 asking if they do shoutouts and if so how much would it cost to have a 12 hour and 24-hour post with a link in their bio.

You don’t want to pay more than $60 a shoutout. Really you should be working on around $2 per 10k and always bargain with them! More often than not they’ll lower their price a little.

4. Your next step is to create an Instagram post. Use Canva, you can sign up for free and create posts easily. Create a post similar to the sales page. Just be creative, create a post that says something like “Earn a 5 figure income with only 1 hours work” and put a nice picture on it relevant to the sales page or something that looks appealing.

Ok so now just link everything up.

You have your opt-in page, your affiliate link, Instagram post, and your autoresponder.

In summary

  • Instagram post with a link to your opt-in page in bio
  • Collect emails in opt-in page
  • Once opted in send them to your affiliate link.

Market to them through your autoresponder.


So I did this a couple of times and I’ve made around $200 AND more importantly, I have around 300 emails that I can market to whenever I want.

As I said, you’re not going to get filthy rich off this, but it is a good way to make some pocket money, try a few things out and build up your email list.