When to Keep Going and When To Stop

It’s incredibly hard to keep working when you see no reward or monetary value.

If you flip that statement, it basically means it’s very easy to give up when you don’t see immediate results.

This isn’t to say that you aren’t motivated, but it’s what we call shiny object syndrome. You play one game for a short while and expect to see instant results and when you don’t, you think it doesn’t work and move on. We’ve all fallen into this trap at some point in our lives. We’ve tried something, it hasn’t worked very well and so we’ve moved on.

It’s hard to know when to keep going and when to give up and move onto something new or different. We all love the idiom of working hard and you will get rewarded. But there is no point of digging for gold if we’ve found out there’s no gold anywhere in site.

How to figure out whether to keep going or to work on something different.

Has anyone else been successful?

The best way to find out if you should keep working the same avenue, is to see if anyone else has had success doing the same thing?

Can you see anyone else that’s been wildly successful implementing the same strategies and doing the same things as you? If you can’t, then you’re probably firing blanks. You want to find something that other people have become successful at and emulate them. Especially if you’ve just started out. There’s no point of reinventing the wheel. Copy the wheel and see if you can make it run even better.

Have you had any sort of success so far?

Have you found a small amount of success? Did you perhaps gain some traffic to your website or acquire some interest in a product or service, maybe your ad gained some traction but never converted.

These are all signs that something did work, but somewhere along the line, something else failed. Entrepreneurship and business are all about trying, failing and learning from your failures. It hardly ever works first time out, but if you gained a little bit of success then it shows there is something to it. Tweak what you have already done, make it better and fail again – but this time, fail a bit better.

Ultimately it’s really hard to tell whether or not you should continue down a path and if there is gold at the end of the tunnel. But if you are of the mindset that your failures are lessons that can be carried into making or doing something even better, than you are on the right path.